I’m a chaser of adventure, seeker of happiness,  girl boss champion, and self-proclaimed cupcake connoisseur.

I'm also a military brat who now calls Cincinnati home but has not lost the itch to travel.  Whether it's to an ice bar in Denmark, NYE in Vegas, or a cruise abroad, my answer to an adventure invitation is always YES!

On my quest for purpose in life I picked up a passion for career development which led me through positions in various areas of HR, a M.S. in HR Development, and eventually the realization that I have a quirky excitement for resume work.  I have met with countless people to learn about their experiences seeking ways to learn from their wisdom.  

After the tough decision to leave my last job, I quickly learned what a blessing it was. It's funny that the confidence to know that if I am not happy I can move to where ever my happiness may be led to more open doors than sitting in that same old desk--waiting. 

So, now that we're friends I can share what led me to start this blog. 

I am starting this blog because after 26 years I finally learned to say no to what I don’t want, yes to what I do, and at least maybe to the things that scare me.  This means being BRAVE.  Here you'll find gems for driving your own career, making the most of travel adventures, and lifestyle encouragement to be your best version.  


  • My closest friends describe me as adventurous, loyal, ambitious, passionate, and honest which are all good indications of the vibe you'll get from my blog. 
  • I believe that financial literacy is the key to options and freedom.
  • I enjoy sharing information I have to help others on their journey to exceeding their potential.
  • I have learned that sometimes you have to take the less travelled path and just dance it out.

It will be so much more fun with participation! Feel free to like, leave comments, and join the mailing list! I'm looking forward to interacting with all of you and hope you join me on The Brave Side. 



I would love to work with fellow bloggers, brands, and small-business owners who share a passion for bravery and encouraging others to try new things! If you'd like to work with me please reach out via email at