Honeymoon Edition: Catalonia All Inclusive Resort


Don’t fall victim to the pressure to make your honeymoon a fantasy/perfect vacation like it will be your last. The truth is it won’t be your last vacation together. My fiancé (at the time) and I hopped on Expedia and booked a 5 night stay at Catalonia, a beach front all inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen, for $1800. There are a few things to note about Expedia.  

#1 Bundling

First, the bundle deals are typically the best deals because they are bundled. One you break up the hotel from the flight they are charged at separates that will likely be higher than if you bundled them. 

#2 Frequent Changes

Second, the deals change every day. Do your researched, look at the reviews, but be mindful that they may not have the same deal for that particular resort the following day. The main thing is to get a feel for what area you want to be in and what different ypes of resorts offer.

#3 Review Realism

Third, as far as reviews go, obviously you want it to fit your expectations quality speaking but remember everyone has different personalities and at times some do not adjust their expectations accordingly. A good example of this is expecting the same experience you would get at a 5 star resort at the 2 star resort you chose based on cost. Figure out what’s your main priority and stick with it. Do you want an all inclusive, adults only, 5 stars, entertainment, etc.? Do not always be discouraged by those personality-like reviews. Be open and look at all the information available to you to give you a big picture! 

#4 Shared Beaches

Fourth and lastly, our resort was right next to Secrets and shared the same beach. I was initially under the impression that there were different beaches and the locations of the resorts were significantly different. Untrue. 

Catalonia Priviledged Maroma – All Inclusive

Our stay at Catalonia included an upgrade to the honeymoon suite, 30 min complimentary massages for each of us, a free professional picture, and 4 restaurants/2 bars offering unlimited food and drinks. They also had a different entertainment show on each night of our stay. They even had a foam party at the pool and a pop up BBQ station on the beach two of the days. Everyone we met was friendly especially the employees. I honestly had no complaints that were controllable. I will say this-the mosquitoes were in full force! Bring bug spray! This definitely did not stop our fun!



The food was great!  There were 4 different restaurants that featured different ypes of food.  My favorite was the tapas restaurant where you got to have a little bit of different things.  Make sure to check with guest services for the schedule of all the restaurants and when you can go to which ones.  We got tickets to go to each one once for the duration of our time there for certain occasions.  You may want to plan ahead to make sure you cover all of them.  The food and drinks were nonstop all day and evening.  They also had a pop up bbq on the beach twice!  Amazing!




Early in our trip we met with the Expedia rep on site and reviewed the excursions. We chose 2 and were given 20% off. It was a total of about $280 for both of us for 2 day long excursions with transportation and lunch.

Day 1

This day included a visit to Chichen Itza, a 45 foot cenote you could swim in, tour through a Mayan neighborhood, historical church, and lunch was provided.

cenote- fortyfive-feet-excursion      

Day 2

If ATVs, zip lining, visit to a 25 foot cenote to swim, scuba diving an under water cave, and lunch sounds good to you then you are considering going to the right place! Talk about bang for your buck! Overall this trip was fantastic and I highly recommend Catalonia as a resort to visit! See below for fun pics!

  cave-scuba-excursion   Cenote-excursion

We cannot wait to go back!  I cannot even take credit for all of this.  It was my hubby’s idea!  Before succumbing to the pressures of spending a ton on a honeymoon make sure to check out ALL of your options and remember you’ll have the rest of your lives to vacation!  This is only the beginning!

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    1. I would call them directly and let them know. See if you can get the honeymoon package. It came with massages!!

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