San Francisco: A Few Must Sees for a Short Trip


Let me just say this- I LOVE to visit San Francisco!  There is something there that is inspiring!  Of course, finding fun things to do in San Francisco is not very hard.  The people, shopping, sights, and fun things to do make it a great place to visit even if only for 2 days, which was our case.  While visiting family in northern California we decided to spend about 2 days in San Fran.  There was no boring moment!  If you are looking to visit San Francisco consider checking out some of these must see spots!

Our trip started with us being dropped off at the BART.  For about $12 we got a ride all the way there.  We exiting right down the street from China town which was near the hotel we stayed at.  We dropped our bags off and hit the streets!

Lunch Recommendation

We had clearly worked up an appetite. So we headed up to the North beach area.  This was a cool trendy area with restaurants galore.  We saw a huge crowd at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana and took that as a sign.

Tonys-pizza-menu  Tonys-Pizza

Quick tip- if you have a small party and you do not mind sitting at the bar then DO IT!  We were able to be seated much quicker and made friends with the bartender, who knew what he was doing for sure.

By the way, this was home to the 12-time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani, no big deal *sarcasm*!  The pizza was absolutely phenomenal! We opted for something unique.  Don’t worry though you can try this too since they actually ship their pizzas as well. #YoureWelcome

Who goes to San Fran without going to Fischerman’s Warf?!  Of course we walked all that food off on our trek there.  We didn’t waste any time doing a walk around to check out the shops.  If you have time I highly recommend walking through Boudin Bakery & Café.  This place has tons of history which you can see as you walk through their mini museum.  You can also watch the sourdough being made in their factory right before your eyes!  If you want a quick gift for someone or something to munch on the bread yourself, they do have cute animal shaped fresh bread.

Boudin-Bread  Sourdough


The day was quickly flying by.  From Fischerman’s Warf we had a great view of the Golden gate bridge.  My then husband was determined to walk on the actual bridge.  So we set out on foot to get there.  1 hour 45 minutes later we were still walking there.  Good news—we did get to walk along the shoreline and got to see great views and locals living life.


…and we continued to walk another 30 minutes and a steep flight of stairs before we FINALLY arrived.  We walked on the bridge and his smile was totally worth it!  Needless to say we did take an Uber back to the hotel’s area from there.  Chinese takeout was the move but dessert was my favorite!


We stopped by a place called Cream.  You can choose the cookie and ice cream flavors to make a MacDaddy ice cream sandwich.  DELICIOUS!  The cookie was still warm.  We got little slips to slip the cookie to take it to go.  I will not lie I did contemplate getting two to go but did not.  That would be fat. Haha.  Day 1 was officially complete!

cream-restaurant Ice-cream-sandwiches-in-San-Francisco


If you thought day 1 was busy…wait until you hear about our day 2!  We started our day off with breakfast at Sweet Maple which I highly recommend.  It is nestled in Japantown, which was a beautiful and peaceful area.  Again, we sat at the bar area, which was very nice and we avoided a 45 minute wait.  You’ll quickly learn as you continue to check out my blog posts, that I love eggs benedict.  That is exactly what I got and completed it with a raspberry mimosa.


Sight Seeing in San Francisco

When I travel I like to check out things I am least likely to find other places or do not regularly have access to.  One place I was really looking forward to was the Japanese Tea Gardens.  We got there just in time to catch a guided tour, which I highly recommend.  Our tour guide was phenomenal.  She taught us the Japanese history of the Tea Gardens dating all the way back to the concentration camps which led the original owners to lose the gardens.  She put a special touch on our tour when she gave each person homemade fortune cookies and a good luck origami crane.  Afterwards, we had tea and snacks at the café they had.  This place is a MUST see.

japanese-tea-gardens-two  Japanese-Tea-Gardens-three

Japanese-Tea-Gardens-two  Japanese-Tea-Gardens

On the way to our next destination of course we had to walk by the house that Full House was filmed in!  We quickly realized our selfie stick was totally bootleg and missing a very necessary button. We could only laugh!  We were fortunate to have someone take our picture for us.

We continued on walking through the redwoods and made our way to the Walt Disney Family Museum.  This is another MUST see.  Quick tip- if you are military they do allow you free access.  This museum chronicled Walt Disney’s entire life from birth to achieving adding color and sound to cartoon and beyond.  It concluded with Mr. Disney’s projects at the time of his passing and his dreams for the future.  Fantastic!

Disney-fam-museum Disneys-dream Walt-Disney-Family-Museum-two

Lunch was enjoyed at La Boulangerie.  It was a cool café style place to eat to grab something quick and enjoy the café scene.  The pastries, coffee, and unique sandwiches were delicious looking and just what we needed for a mid-day pause.

La-Boulangerie  La-Boulangerie-Food

We wrapped up the day at the Exploratorium.  Pair a hands on science experience with cocktails and you will find my husband and me!  On this particular Thursday evening they were closed to the general public and hosted an adults only event with cocktails.  We had full access to the whole place!  Although there were no kids allowed you would not know as every adult transformed into their younger selves!


I honestly could go back to San Francisco every year and find different things to do.  For this trip we tried to do a little of everything and we definitely ran around the whole city.  Until next time San Fran!


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    1. It was awesome! I can’t wait to go back. Although we walked awhile it was great we saw so much along the way. Bridge was amazing!

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