What If… You Said “Yes”



You are job hunting. You are sifting through job description after description that requires a ridiculous amount of experience considering it is an entry level, prefers certifications, and would like a master’s degree. You likely feel like there are no jobs out there for you.


Emails are blasted left and right about cool opportunities but only if you have this title, this prerequisite completed, or are nominated.

My point is this, people everywhere have little moments of inspiration and opportunities nudging them. Before they can get excited about them they have already beat themselves to it by telling themselves no.


What if you said yes?

Recently, there was an opportunity that came across my desk. I didn’t even meet the most basic requirement. They say intuition is almost always right. I listened. Instead of telling myself no because of course there are people more qualified, I didn’t meet the requirements, or whatever else my ego could make up, I said to myself — why not? Why not me?

I sent a quick message to my boss showing interest. Since I asked for what I wanted I was opening myself up to the possibility. My boss believed in me enough to still put me in for the opportunity. A week later, I was notified that I was selected. In fact, I was selected over others that met all of the requirements.

Here is what it all comes down to — Believe in yourself enough to trust that God will qualify you. Click To Tweet Grace and grit will marry and introduce opportunities you never imagined.

Apply for that job, ask for that opportunity, make your needs known to your partner, and let the chips fall…where they fall. You could have that one thing on your resume the hiring manager had not come across yet.  Your work could have been earning you a spot on that next train to success even if you didn’t have a ticket ahead of time.

Always be your first yes…if they tell you no realize that, “no” is not always rejection. In almost all of my experiences, it has been redirection to something bigger.  You’ll never know if you do not put yourself out there.

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